Zack Snyder Fans Raise Money for Suicide Prevention Awareness

Movie buffs are raising money for suicide prevention to support filmmaker Zack Snyder, who stepped down from Justice League after the loss of his daughter. For background, Snyder developed and wrote the script before leaving the project. As Men’s Health previously reported, filming for the movie finished in October 2016, and Snyder stepped down as director while it was in post-production in May 2017. Joss Whedon, director and screenwriter, stepped in, and the film underwent months of reshoots.

After lackluster reception to the film, fans want Snyder’s version, called Snyder Cut, released. A grassroots campaign is calling for his version of Justice League to be unveiled. As part of the efforts, people have donated more than $150,000 to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, ScreenRant reported.

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Donations have been made through a variety of efforts, including a series of fan-art t-shirts, and social media hashtag campaigns, according to a release from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

As Snyder’s cut is gaining in media attention, the amount of charitable efforts have also seen an uptick in support, the outlet reports. In October 2019, more than $110,000 was raised for the organization. Now, increased attention toward Snyder Cut has boosted fundraising efforts further, ScreenRant reported.

According to Twitter user MickD, who claims to be involved with donation efforts, the campaign has added another $46,000 since October.

“We’ve recently tabulated all of the fundraising event totals organized and contributed to by @ZackSnyder’s community of fans in support of @afspnational. Zack’s fans have so far donated over $156,000 to support Suicide Prevention. #ForTheSnyders #WhyWeFight #ReleaseTheSnyderCut,” MickD wrote in a post on January 22.

This increase is likely due to more awareness as celebrities like Ben Affleck have called attention to the Snyder Cut.

For now, it’s unclear whether Snyder Cut will be released, but fans can feel good knowing their efforts have raised money for an important cause.

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