The Best Head-to-Toe Winter Wool Layers for Outdoor Performance

Wool clothing is not what it used to be. We are currently in a renaissance of the rough stuff—though “itchy” and “frumpy” are descriptors of the wooly past. Thanks to technical manufacturer advances yielding more comfortable, easy-breathing blends as well as more creative designs, outdoor users are learning to appreciate the longevity and versatility of wool once again. Better options and increased demand means that more brands are now following the herd, returning to “nature’s renewable tech fabric.” Unless you are allergic, there is no longer a great reason to be sheepish about wearing wool. Best of all, a larger number of brands are offering more transparency about where their wool is sourced and their production practices.

From head to toe, you can wear wool without looking or feeling like a grandpa. There’s nothing wrong with grandpa, it’s just that with this new crop of high-performing, wool-based outerwear and baselayers, you will feel younger, look sharper and stay drier. Here are our picks for the best new active wool-wear to outfit you from top down for any outdoor adventure.

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