The Best Body Hair Trimmers to Make Grooming Easier

In a perfect world, you’d only need one body hair trimmer to groom anything and everything—from those unruly hairs in your nose to the winter sweater that sprouts from your torso. A dual beard trimmer and ball trimmer sounds perfect, but your jawbones give you a lot more structure and tautness than the freewheelers down below. For that reason, it’s likely you need a few body hair trimmers instead of just one device to manicure yourself head to toe.

Here are our favorite body hair trimmers to cater to everything from your head to your junk—from established brands like Panasonic to relative newcomers like MANGROOMER. They’re thoughtfully designed, durable, and efficient—all experts in their respective overgrown fields.

Best of all: Most can be used wet or dry, so you can give yourself a touch up when you’re in the shower.

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