The Best (and Most Innovative) Razors for a Close, Safe Shave

We preach about good grooming regimens all the time: Hair care, skincare, beard trimming, sun protection, and the like. While we hope you take our advice across the board, there is perhaps no area more important than shaving. That’s because there are so many variables—namely a very sharp blade or five—being dragged across your skin. The chances for injury, irritation, infection, and ingrowns is steep, and they all center on how steady and slow you take it, as well as how good your razor is. Allow us to introduce you to seven of the very best razors on the market for your face, head, and body alike. Some are heated and electric while others are disposable-but-high-tech. Ultimately, they’re all going to help give you a close, smooth shave, minus the pain. (Just make sure you follow the other shaving steps closely, too.)

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