President Trump Just Claimed a Viral Photo Exposing His Tan Line Is ‘Fake News’

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about Donald Trump over his decades in the public eye, it’s that he’s intensely concerned with his appearance. So when an unflattering photo of him went viral, it’s probably no surprise that the newly impeached President took time out of his busy Saturday to tweet a response, claiming the very-real image “was photoshopped.”

The story began on Friday, when a Twitter account called White House Photos, with a bio billing it as belonging to a “White House Correspondent, Journalist, Photographer, Poet and Pesco Vegetarian” named “William Moon,” posted a pair of images. Both captured Trump as he crossed the south lawn of the presidential residence.

The wind had swept back his hair, revealing a dramatic patch of untanned skin along his hairline. The first photo, a color version, has received nearly 13,000 retweets, prompting #orangeface to trend, with comparisons between Trump and Wilson the volleyball, the Wizard of Oz, and Dorian Gray. In a second, black-and-white photo, the contrast between Trump’s face and hairline was even more apparent.

An unflattering picture or two is pretty much to be expected when you’re among the most photographed people in the world. But Trump felt compelled to respond, tweeting about the black-and-white image, “More Fake News. This was photoshopped, obviously, but the wind was strong and the hair looks good? Anything to demean!”

Other photos from the same time show a less-dramatic tan line, prompting questions about the image’s authenticity. White House Photos responded later, “This picture was never photoshopped, but used the Apple smartphone’s photo app to adjust the color of the picture.” Trump has not responded to that tweet yet, so maybe the leader of the free world is busy with other things.

Jesse Hicks is a Detroit-based writer and former features editor at The Verge who specializes in longform stories about science, health, and technology.