Here are 50 Photos That Show Brad Pitt Has Barely Aged Over the Years

For over 30 years, men have been hitting their local barbershops and salons with pictures of Brad Pitt in hopes of emulating his iconic hair styles. There’s no denying the Oscar nominee for the 92nd Academy Awards is a grooming god. And like a god, we’re starting to think Pitt doesn’t age—like at all. Great for Pitt, but it’s not like the average Joe has the funds to visit a plastic surgeon with a photo of the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star. He’s not aging backwards like Benjamin Button, but at 55 years old, there’s barely any creases, cracks, or sagging to his skin.

So, how the heck does he do it? Honestly, we’re not quite sure. With every red carpet Pitt has walked this awards season, we’re convinced even more so that the man deserves the top prize for aging like a champ. Plus, the natural look of his face shows zero signs of plastic surgery. Even if you purchased bucket loads of night creams, eye creams, and collagen-boosting serums, Father Time can still slap a man across the face with deep wrinkles from years of bad habits. Still, anti-aging products are worth a shot to look half as good as the Hollywood A-lister.

To prove our point that Pitt has barely aged, check out 50 photos of the Hollywood star throughout the years. It’s okay, we’re jealous, too.