8 Signs Of Depression You Probably Don’t Know About

Your anger comes out of nowhere.

A lot of guys see the symptoms of depression — sadness, fatigue, weight loss or gain — as signs of weakness, says Dr. Greden. So it’s not uncommon to see guys getting inexplicably angry instead. You may throw things, or yell, or try to hurt other people (either physically or emotionally) as a way to cope, he explains.

When you’re depressed, your outbursts may come out of nowhere, and are usually sparked by nothing other than the fact that you’re just angry, Dr. Greden explains. “If there’s nothing appropriate that seems to set it off, like if you’re having a discussion at a dinner and all of a sudden you’re throwing silverware across the table and cursing, it’s not just an emotional reaction to something. It’s rooted inside,” Dr. Greden says.

A lot of men feel like they lose their masculinity when they admit they’re depressed, but it requires “real strength to be able to say ‘I’m not doing well and I need some help,’” he adds.